Their world consists of secluded rooms. How does these rooms affect the lifes of these people and how well will you get to know the people that inhabit these rooms?

Music from Night In The Woods.

Narrationengine from Yarnspinner.


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I was recommended your game from and I've read through your game and I really like the sound of it. If I have your permission, I'd love to do a recording of your game and post it to my YouTube channel.

Have a nice day!

Kimmy ^.^

You have full permission to do whatever you want to! :)


Thank you! I'll post a link to the video once I've uploaded it

^ . ^


That glitchy jumpscare flashy screen is actually disturbing


NiklasG, really good game :-) Happy to have experienced it, and really appreciate you and your work. Thank you!

Very atmospheric game. Graphics are nice and colorful, but the writing takes the prize. More, please! :-)


I'm not sure if it's just me, but the windows download gives me a .X86 file. From what I have read, that's a Linux file type not a windows file type.  So I can't get the game to run on my windows and unfortunately that also means I can't record it. Any help would be very much appreciated as I do think this game looks interesting. Thank you. XD


Wow. It was me.


lol literally played as a beta

great game my dude, moar?!


hello fellow Niklas! Good game!


Nice little game, needs a main-menu/restart after finishing a path


It's interesting, but you really should put a warning about "This game may not be suitable for those who are currently suffering mental illness and/or suicidal thoughts."


Maybe, but not finding anything more disturbing than a psychology class

I'm a Psych major who also experianced suicidal feelings, I'd say those two things are pretty different. The ending was genuinely jarring and frightening to experiance. There should definately be a trigger warning for this game.


can´t run it


very interesting setup for a game. thanks!


Wow, im impressed.


Loving it instantly! Gonna play it once I make my side channel for games. One question though: what is this music? It sounds vaguely like the OST from Night In The Woods but maybe it's some other track. Please let me know :D


It is from nitw


pretty interesting, would enjoy messing with the characters again / 10

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Interesting thought.. I guess rooms really do shape us..

posted to /r/artgames


Thank you!! And thanks for introducing me to that sub! :D


Great game, but the ending wat weird - i'd need an explanation i guess :)


Thank you so much for playing Gabe!! :D


Man I loved to act like a dick on the first room. But after that, I really didn't follow what was going on :-\ Like WTF?!

Storytelling is hard within 48 hours x)