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Describes the situation of procrastinators very well

I actually recorded a playthrough of this! Had a lot of fun, even though i did make fun of the dialogue a bit.

the animation style is beautiful though.


Awesome looking game dude!


That was.. certainly a serene contemplation :')

P.S. I follow The Man as he keeps fidgeting :'v


I absolutely love this dreamy/weird style, well done :)


Much like the trains in 'My Very Own Train Station' There are many opportunities in life that we can take or let pass by.

This Itch Dot Io Indie has a beautiful introspective tone with the simplistic graphics juxtaposing the complex inner contemplation that the narrator undergoes.

Simply serene this game is a must play for those whom adore their branching interactive narratives <3


Thank you so much for taking the time to make the video Loki!! :D I love it a lot


hi, so apparently something's glitching on Safari :o I can't really hear the music and the text comes out as a weird, pinkish Blob :/ I'm really excited about this game, though, and hope it's an easy to fix bug :D

I'll have look at it during the weekend! Thank you for pointing it out!


This is awesome. The pretty low-poly models, color palette and music all work together really well. Really well written.

Just to nitpick at SOMETHING, I feel like the font used for the "My very own train station - station" nameplate doesn't fit super well. Maybe something more blocky?


I'll have a look at it! Thanks for the feedback!


Stellar graphics and really nice music. What a cool world you created.


This is fantastic! wonderful work!!!